Working together to build the perfect
website for your business



We'll guide you through every step to reach your business goals

The process is simple. First you’ll tell us about your brand and your goals. The most important part of the process is to understand at the beginning what we want to accomplish through this process.

Once we have a full grasp of your brand and the goals you want to accomplish with your new website, we’ll get together and talk about how you want your website to look and behave. We want to look at all of the things that you want your website to do – not just the things you think you can afford.

Some opening questions we'll get answered:

  • What does the perfect website look like for your business? How does it behave?
  • What pages do you need to have? Want to have?
  • What software do you want to integrate with your website?

1. Gathering Info

We’ll discuss websites you like – you show us what you think is great about your favorite brand’s website and what you don’t like. We will come to you with ideas that we think may fit with your website goals.

Together we’ll identify the functionality that you want your website to have. And we’ll build a full scope of what that looks like from a cost perspective so that we understand everything that we’re going to be building from a bottom line perspective.

2. Then we'll start designing

We’ll begin to iterate on the design until we have exactly what you want for your brand.

  • Are the fonts and colors as they should be?
  • What photos do you have? What photos do you need?
  • What are the core components and where do they go?
  • Does the copy that you have work for the site?
  • What do we need to write to properly promote your business?

3. Once designed, we begin to magic

Depending on the complexity of your website, this step will take from 5-12 business days. We’ll have everything we need — photos, text, logos, colors, etc. from the design step — all we have to do is plug it all in to your design and make it fully responsive and fully functional.

4. Testing and Go-Live

And finally – once we have everything the way that we think it should be, we test until we are confident that all of the buttons work on all device sizes and that the site is pixel perfect. Then there is only one question remaining: When do you want everything to go live on the web and be listed on Google?

5. Analytics and touch-ups

The first 30 days after your site launches we’ll be on the lookout for any bugs that may yet remain and will make sure your Google Analytics account is functioning. We’ll also make sure that all of your integrations are working as expected.